Young people know what is helpful and what is unhelpful.年轻人知道什么是有帮助的,什么是无用的。 They are also creative and inspirational in finding solutions.他们在寻找解决方案方面也很有创造力。 Additionally, schools find that when they work together with young people to overcome their challenges, the school then becomes a more positive place for all of their students, not just those identified as having medical or mental health needs.此外,学校发现,当他们与年轻人一起克服挑战时,学校对所有学生来说都变得更加积极,而不仅仅是那些被确定有医疗或心理健康需求的学生。


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  1. If students are falling behind in the classroom and struggling to do homework, it is sometimes out of their control.如果学生在教室里落后并努力做家庭作业,有时这是他们无法控制的。 Often they cannot simply motivate themselves by saying “try harder” or “be more focussed”.通常,他们不能简单地说“加倍努力”或“更加专注”来激励自己。
  2. For some young people, it is not always helpful to keep asking them how they are feeling.对于某些年轻人来说,不断询问他们的感觉并不总是有帮助的。 Instead, make time to review how things are going for them.相反,请花时间回顾一下事情的进展。
  3. Do not assume a child or young person cannot do something just because of their medical needs.不要以为孩子或年轻人仅仅因为他们的医疗需求而不能做某事。 Instead, ask them and find out;相反,问他们并找出答案; a simple adjustment might be all they need.他们只需要简单的调整即可。


  1. Hold awareness weeks every term.每个学期举行意识周。 Ask young people that are comfortable with it, to give lectures talks about their own medical/mental health conditions.请对它适应的年轻人进行有关他们自己的医疗/心理健康状况的讲座。
  2. 让学生告诉他们分享快乐的程度。
  3. 给学生一张超时卡,让他们坐在门口,这样当事情变得不堪重负时,他们有可能离散离开。
  4. 让学生戴上降低噪音的耳机以减少感官冲击。
  5. 通过延长期限使年轻人尽可能舒适。
  6. 减轻考试/课堂测试的压力,并在需要时提供支持
  7. 确定一个让年轻人感到满意的具名工作人员,以便他们在需要时可以与他人交谈。


  • 我的学校不是很了解...

    The school that I used to go to wasn't very aware of mental health issues, despite the rising occurrences in young people and adults.我曾经去过的那所学校并不十分了解心理健康问题,尽管年轻人和成年人的发病率正在上升。 There was little to no support, no education around the subject and a stigma amongst both teachers and students towards those who were in difficult situations, making the already difficult social environment even more challenging.几乎没有支持,几乎没有支持,没有针对该主题的教育,并且在师生之间对处境艰难的人的污名化,使本来就很困难的社会环境更具挑战性。 As you could imagine, this did not do anything to help our mental health.可以想象,这对我们的心理健康没有任何帮助。


    Students were left to suffer in silence, thinking no one could understand, an approach that is outdated to say the least.学生们被静默地忍受着痛苦,认为没有人能理解,至少可以说这种方法已经过时了。 The few who were referred to CAHMS were done so without the due urgency or empathy, leading to waiting times of at least 3 months.少数被转介到CAHMS的人没有适当的紧迫感或同情心,因此等待时间至少为XNUMX个月。


  • 我的学校很清楚...


    My head of year was extremely accommodating, taking the time to meet with me every morning to check on how I was doing.我一年级的负责人非常包容,每天早上花时间与我见面,检查我的表现。 I was given permission to leave lessons whenever I needed to, given a card that I could show teachers without the need to speak allowing me to leave without any fuss.允许我在需要时离开课程,并获得一张可以向老师展示而无需讲话的卡片,允许我毫不费力地离开。 I would go to a quiet place, or the health centre, so I could calm down.我会去一个安静的地方或健康中心,这样我才能平静下来。

    My teachers were only told as much as I agreed they could be told, and some even made sure I could stay sitting near the door.我的老师只被告知了我同意的信息,甚至有人告诉我,我可以坐在门口。 I had only very few occasions when they told me I couldn't go on a trip because I was a risk.当他们告诉我我不能冒险时,我只有极少数的情况。 I was allowed to use my headphones and phone in the corridors, I met with my psychologist once a week for an hour and a half.我被允许在走廊上使用耳机和电话,每周一次与我的心理学家见面一个半小时。 In the end, it was a troubled friendship that was the reason I became unable to attend.最后,这是困扰我的友谊,这也是我无法参加的原因。

    I was referred to CAHMS about a month after the falling out, and I was screened twice, and I was given beta blockers to manage the physical effects.事故发生后大约一个月,我被转介到了CAHMS,对我进行了两次筛查,并给我提供了β受体阻滞剂来控制身体上的影响。 But even after the screening, I was given a minimum of three months to see a psychiatrist, but after my future at the school was determined as uncertain, they said I needed to see another CAHMS service, extending the waiting time.但是,即使经过筛查,也给了我至少三个月的时间去看精神病医生,但是在确定我在学校的前途未卜之后,他们说我需要再看一次CAHMS服务,从而延长了等待时间。 Weeks spent alone at home took its toll and now I am looking at new colleges, one in particular has been extremely supportive so far, so I hope to continue seeing CAHMS and continue managing my mental health in a positive way.独自一人呆在家里的几周造成了损失,现在我正在寻找新的大学,特别是到目前为止,其中的一所大学一直非常支持我,因此我希望继续看CAHMS,并继续以积极的方式管理我的心理健康。

  • 学校的责任...



    What I found particularly useful from schools was the level of understanding that they understood and practical approaches that they took to ensure a more pleasant schools experience.我从学校发现特别有用的是他们所理解的水平以及为确保更愉快的学校体验所采取的实际方法。 This included the opportunity to drop subjects that I was really struggling with and not enjoying.这包括丢掉我真正在奋斗而不喜欢的主题的机会。





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