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The most common cancer in children and young people (38%) is leukaemia, a cancer of the bone marrow.儿童和年轻人中最常见的癌症(82%)是白血病,这是一种骨髓癌。 Other cancers develop in the form of tumours, these can occur on some of the body's organs or within tissue.其他癌症以肿瘤形式发展,它们可以发生在身体的某些器官或组织内。 On average, XNUMX% of all children can now be completely cured.现在,平均而言,所有儿童中有XNUMX%可以完全治愈。 For some types of children's cancer, the cure rate is higher.对于某些类型的儿童癌症,治愈率更高。

Schools will need to consider the effects related to the treatment of cancers.学校将需要考虑与癌症治疗有关的影响。 Though most cancer patients will require periods of time in hospital, most will attend school either during or after their periods of treatment.尽管大多数癌症患者都需要住院一段时间,但大多数癌症患者会在治疗期间或之后上学。


  • 手术
  • 放射治疗
  • 化疗
  • 干细胞移植 

One of the effects of treatment is the lowering of the body's immune system and it's ability to fight off infection.治疗的效果之一是降低人体的免疫系统及其抵抗感染的能力。 Measles and Chicken Pox can psoe a serious threat.麻疹和水痘可以对人构成严重威胁。 It is important that precautions are taken to ensure that contact with these diseases is avoided.重要的是要采取预防措施以确保避免接触这些疾病。 




  • 低能量水平
  • 容易感染
  • 视力问题 
  • 焦虑引起的社交和情感困难
  • 难以持续关注的困难 
  • 一般组织的问题 
  • 由于治疗的性质,例如记忆和加工困难,可能会产生长期影响。


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  • Prolonged periods of absence for treatment in hospital or at home can result in feelings of exclusion and anxiety about falling behind with school work.长时间不在医院或在家中接受治疗可能会导致被排斥和焦虑,担心他们无法完成学业。 It is essential to have good communication between school and home.在学校和家庭之间保持良好的沟通至关重要。 
  • 即使学生可能无法参加有关社交活动的信息,也可以帮助他们感受到学校社区的一部分。 


  • Liaise as soon as possible with the hospital teaching team and home tutors.尽快与医院教学团队和家庭导师联络。 Students are generally keen to get on with work set by school when they feel well enough.当学生感觉足够好时,他们通常会热衷于继续学校安排的工作。 
  • With the agreement of parents/carers use email to contact hospital teachers and the student.在父母/护理人员的同意下,使用电子邮件与医院的老师和学生取得联系。 It's quicker and more efficient than passing work via friends/siblings.比通过朋友/兄弟姐妹传递工作更快,更高效。  
  • 可以通过电子邮件返回工作以进行标记和反馈。  


  • 在缺勤一段时间后精心计划重返校园会减少焦虑。
  • 长时间缺席后,询问学生及其父母/看护人是否可以在返回之前与班级和其他老师交谈。 
  • 学生可能会因身体变化而返回学校,例如,失去头发,体重改变,脸可能肿了。  
  • 医院团队的成员可能能够上学并与员工和学习者交谈以解释这些变化。
  • Allow the student to make some adaptations to their uniform to accommodate changes to their body.让学生对他们的制服进行一些调整,以适应身体的变化。 This may include: wearing a scarf or hat due to hair loss, loose clothing to accommodate a central venous line.这可能包括:由于脱发而戴围巾或帽子,宽松的衣服以容纳中心静脉线。 


  • 感到疲倦可能是治疗的副作用,以及由于焦虑而导致的睡眠不足。
  • A part time timetable can be a good introduction back to school.兼职时间表可以很好地介绍回学校。 This could be short days or part of the week.这可能是短日或一周的一部分。
  • Discuss with the student arrangements for PE, plan in activities they can be included in or make alternative arrangements.与学生讨论体育课的安排,计划他们可以参加的活动或做出其他安排。 Don't just assume they will not participate.不要只是假设他们不会参加。   


  • Due to anxiety and the side effects of treatments students may find it hard to be organised.由于焦虑和治疗的副作用,学生可能很难组织起来。 A buddy or staff member to check in with the student can help.与学生签到的伙伴或工作人员可以提供帮助。 
  • Focus and processing information can be affected by medication, a student may find this disconcerting.药物治疗可能会影响焦点和处理信息,学生可能会感到不安。 Be sensitive to this and offer additional support.请对此敏感,并提供其他支持。
  • 调整工作或必要时更改座位计划。 
  • 重要的是不要降低期望,而要在必要的时间内进行调整。 
  • 如果可能需要大量的额外帮助,请尽早与父母/看护者交谈。



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